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Month 11: September 27 → October 24, 2011

Posted by mysticnumbers on September 21, 2011

Mystical Numerology uses a 13-month calendar that begins on December 20 each year. The resulting 13 months are almost uniformly 28-day months in a non-leap year. We move into Month 11 on Tuesday, September 27. It will last through Monday, October 24.

This month takes on the energy of the “11.” I call it the month of “Manifestation and Outreach.” 

Remember also that 2011 is the 11th year of the new century. So, even though it is a “4” year (2+0+1+1 = 4), it also carries an “11” energy as a secondary vibration. This will reinforce the power of this 28-day period.

Mystical: The “11” is considered a Master Number. Its energy connects the Center with the Up Above, and is the connection with Universal Love, Cosmic Law, Divine Truth, and Higher Vision. In an “11” month, consider that the center of your being is connected with a supreme consciousness that takes many names in many different religious traditions. In this period, you will find that you are more open to intuitive consciousness. Open your inner eyes and you can more easily be a “seer” this month.

“11” is also the power of sound and manifestation – which are related. When the Christian Bible says, “In beginning was the word …” that is the first sound from which all was created. Pay attention to how you work with sound, song and words to create your reality this month. We are, as the Australian aborigines say, continuallysinging ourselves into existence.

Practical: “11” is the number of the Inspirer, Healer, Connector, Teacher, Reformer and Change Agent. It is inspiration that can be brought to the people. It brings the energy that changes things, often in dramatic ways.

Relationships are in the spotlight this month even more than normal. “11” is the energy to reach out to others and lend a hand; the energy of compassion and giving of yourself to make a difference in the lives of others – including through volunteerism, and charity.

An “11” month can be a difficult energy. You may find yourself taken off-guard and being pulled forward kicking and screaming over a cliff so that you can learn to fly, learn to step fully into your power and be all that you can be. This can also happen on a collective level, particularly since “11” is the energy of collective outcomes, and things coming to critical mass. It is the energy of change being inevitable because the pendulum has swung as far in one direction as it can possibly go.

This is a month when personal freedom for you and individual freedom for others is highlighted. In the long run, this is a good thing since it provides forward acceleration along the path of life. But, it is not a time for timidity.

Interestingly, “11” is the number of “statehood” which is much in the news – especially with the Arab spring uprisings transforming and shaking things up in the Middle East, most notably in Tunisia, Libya, Egypt and Syria. Now, the Palestinians are petitioning the U.N. for statehood. Expect this to continue in the news this month. Remember, 2011 is also the 11th year of the new century.

Other “11” energies in the realm of government, politics and the economy include: political power, political leaders, business leaders, domestic affairs, public policy, monetary policy, material advancement vs. financial crisis, republicanism, social responsibility vs. pro-business policies, power plays, human rights, democratization, the United Nations and issues affecting world civilization. Watch for some or all of these to be in the news this month.

The experience of being in an “11” month can be like walking the tightrope or high wire without a net, or kayaking through intense white-water rapids. It can be exhilarating, but it also requires heightened awareness to maintain balance. Things can shift and change in the twinkling of an eye. Indeed, “11” is the energy of sudden, unexpected events that can be totally life-changing. You have to stay flexible. If the Spirit of Life knocks you off your feet this month, it is telling you to open to deeper levels of inner guidance and inspiration and move forward. The alternative is to shut down and turn off. As Charles Dubois once said, “The most important thing is this: To be able at any moment to sacrifice what we are for what we could become.” So, strap on your seat belt, hang on, and enjoy the ride.

It is the number of “manifestation.” An “11” month can bring greater abundance and prosperity. More generally, it is about manifesting anything in your life. Pay particular attention to the connection between thought patterns, strongly-held intentions, the words you use, and what shows up in your life this month. Pay attention to how this is affecting us on the collective level of the economy, government, international events, and even natural phenomena such as weather patterns, earthquakes and so on.

“11” is the number of “sound” and the musician. As noted above, the aborigines of Australiasay that we are singing ourselves into existence. My wife, Jeanne White Eagle, and I use sound in our daily lives to clear obstacles, do healing, and also to attract and manifest resources. We have many stories about its effectiveness. Try it. The use of spontaneous sound may also help you manifest what you desire. For more information check out this link:

This is the month to integrate the use of spontaneous sound into your life or your healing practice.

International Day of the Song: This month, on 11-October-2011 at 11:00AM local time everywhere around the world, small groups of people will be gathering to sing a spontaneous song. The intention is to use a wave of sound circling the planet to raise the vibration and help shift consciousness. You can participate from wherever you are by simply creating a spontaneous song using vowel sounds instead of words in connection with a melody made up in the moment, sung without thinking but invested with the energy of love. For more information, see Jeanne White Eagle’s invitation on YouTube at: . EVERYONE CAN DO IT! Please share this event with your friends.

Downside: All numbers have both positive sides, and negative or shadow sides. With the “11,” the downside can be deep. The “11” energy can make you excitable, impractical, superficial and self-indulgent. It brings a connection with a deeper level of guidance but people are not always conscious of it. What they are receiving on an inner level can create a sense of foreboding or pessimism. Watch out for this.

It can also bring out righteous and elitist behavior, and people acting as if they know more than someone else. These are actually protective behaviors in that both pessimism and righteousness or elitism shut down a part of the personality and insulate it from receiving guidance.

Mayan Correspondence: “11” is called “Imox,” the energy of the Seer andHealer. Imox puts the mind in a receptive mode, increases spiritual strength, and helps to manage the energies of change. It provides the power to understand nature’s messages in order to plan the next steps in one’s life.

Related Reading: This month emphasizes the “11” energy aspect for 2011. You may find the 2011 overview to be interesting reading. Click on “Year Energy” in the left-hand column of categories.

15 Universal Month

The Universal Month is calculated by adding the “11” Month to the “4” Year (2011 = 2+0+1+1 = 4).

This “15” month works well with the “11” energy because it highlights psychic abilities, clairvoyance, instinctive knowing. It also strengthens healing ability. This is a good period to find a healer, get that nagging physical issue attended to, or get some bodywork done.

The “15” energy connects the head and heart. So, if your mind and feelings are out of balance – such as thinking one thing and feeling another, or saying things that are out of integrity with how you really are feeling – well, expect a reckoning this month. (That probably goes double for politicians and pundits).

In a similar fashion, your ability to be a good judge and make good choices are enhanced this month.

“15” is the power to work selflessly for the collective good of the people. It is the number of businessmen and women, and of administrators. It tends to bring a pragmatic energy, and emphasize the functionality or practical utility in things, and how to apply something on a practical level. So, it is a period during which events and outcomes will lean toward what is considered traditional – whatever that is, these days.

The “15” nature of the month prompts us to seek out friends who are steadfast, supportive, and optimistic – maybe because we’re going to need them close by.

Downside: The downside can make this a 28-day period that brings fragmentation and displacement, causing apprehension, and exasperation. It can bring economic upheaval … but it is also the energy of turning points. It is a period for cynics, especially since corruption and unscrupulous behaviors will be on stage for everyone to see – even more than is normal. People may get the feeling that things are pointless and just tune out and switch off.

Mayan Correspondence: The “15” is called “Kan,” the serpent, the kundalini energy. It is the energy that gives the power to continue to move forward even in the face of adversity. Kan feeds knowledge, intelligence and strength.

Guidance about the coming month: People who have not yet felt the acceleration in both energy and events will have no doubt that something out of the ordinary is happening by the end of this month. Humanity is being prepared for the global mind shift. An aspect of this is that no longer will it be possible for individuals to sit “on the fence” as idle onlookers. People will have to decide whether to open up to higher and higher levels of energy, guidance and inspiration, or to go into resistance and lock down into fear. People will have to choose to be open-hearted or closed down and shut off. Which will you choose to be?

Copyright © 2011, John B. Pehrson


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Month 10: August 30 → September 26, 2011

Posted by mysticnumbers on August 31, 2011

Mystical Numerology uses a 13-month calendar that begins on December 20 each year. The resulting 13 months are almost uniformly 28-day months in a non-leap year. We moved into Month 10 on Tuesday, August 30. It will last through Monday, September 26.

This month takes on the energy of the “10.” I call it the month of Mastery and Outcomes.

Mystical: “10” is the number that connects the spiritual dimension of life with the Source, our center, and deeper soul qualities. 10 is the “Gate-Keeper,” the infinity grid, and the number of prophecy. It is a good month to do spiritual ceremonies that connect you with the G_d Source and your Higher Self, and promote inner awareness. It is the period to move into mastery. That mastery is often used in service to others and a higher purpose.

Edgar Cayce used to say: Spirit is the life, mind is the builder, and the physical is the result. What is meant by this is that the world that we see is manifested out of “spiritual stuff,” infinitesimally small units of consciousness that are shaped by thought energy. Because of this, “10” is the energy of the manifest world, physical matter, and physical manifestation. It is the number of the “master builder” who can work in this way, aligning spirit and thought to manifest his or her desired reality. This is true mastery.

Practical: This month is about outcomes and life changes. Each outcome brings a new beginning. It is a good month to examine the root assumptions that govern your life, seek out a new direction, take aim, and step out onto a new path as a pioneer or reaffirm the one that you are on. New ventures are favored.

This is a good month to ask questions, make conceptual leaps, and find new meaning for your life. “10” is the number of wisdom, questioning, discernment and clarity. Like the ten fingers on the hands, the “10” gives you the ability and desire to “grasp” the deeper meaning of things.

That doesn’t mean sitting in meditation all month and contemplating the mysteries. “10” is the number of the energizer and organizer. Its energy can be decisive, practical and action-oriented. Movement is important during this period. It is a great time to do something to stretch your boundaries. It’s a good period to step out and take a leadership role, or take a growth-provoking risk that forces you to fly. You will be supported by the energy of the month.

This can also be an outgoing, open-hearted month when your empathic abilities are stronger than normal. It is a good time for romance.

This next 28-day period also puts abundance issues in the spotlight. This is the month to ask for abundance. Indeed, by the end of the month, many of you may find that there is a greater flow of abundance in your lives.

Downside: Each energy has a downside or shadow-side that quite often is its polar opposite. Where the positive side of the “10” month is about experiencing abundance, the downside is about poverty that shows up as crisis, breakdown, calamity, struggle and worry. Its energy can cause you to feel inhibited, lacking in ability, and emotionally numb, bogged down and stuck. If this is the case, you may be experiencing a purification and clearing that is making room for something new to come in. This also works on collective, national and international levels.

“10” is also the energy of duality, polarization, acrimony and enmity. Watch out for this in your life this month. And, expect that governments and political parties may continue to polarize their constituents with ideological rhetoric, be at loggerheads and deep in gridlock. This can only go so far before change happens, one way or another.

Mayan Correspondence: “10” is called “Ajpu,” or Grandfather Sun, and is about clarity. Ajpu gives the power to overcome negative energy. It brings material and spiritual certainty. It is transformation, mutation, and acuity. It is the warrior, the companion, the traveler, the dancer, and the artist.

Guidance about the coming month: This is the month to step up and step out: step up into your full power; step out in new directions.

The collective energy will remain challenging. The planetary energy is ramping up to shift energy states in a way that will ultimately promote a dimensional shift for those who are ready – an ascension, if you will. Those who are ready for it will step through the veil and into a new reality.

In this higher energy state and higher-vibrational consciousness, the connection between the power of the mind and its ability to manifest all that is needed will be readily apparent because there will be a more and more immediate manifestation of desires and beliefs. This is one of the primary reasons that those individuals who continue to hold onto the lower energies of negative thought patterns and emotions such as fear, anger, jealousy, resentment and so forth, will not be able to make it through the veil between realities. If they did, all that they fear would manifest in a very immediate and present way. They would find the new, higher energy a nightmare.

We are currently in a time of purification and rebirth for those who are ready to ascend to this higher vibrational existence. Birth is always chaotic, but the new life is precious to behold!

When we cross the boundary into a new world, we take a quantum leap into a higher energy state and a higher vibrational consciousness. In this state we can achieve the hoped-for millennium of peace and prosperity based upon an entirely new structure to society that recognizes how intimately we are interconnected, one with another. The new consciousness will honor diversity, promote equality, and rely on true collaboration and the sharing of skills and ideas. Many of the most pressing issues in the world today will dissolve and dissipate over a fairly brief period of transition.

This is the guidance that I get. Of course, as a wise teacher once said to me, I could be wrong … 🙂

Copyright © 2011, John B. Pehrson

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